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Ramailo TV is a 24 hour entertainment channel registered with Ministry of Information and Communication, Government of Nepal. It is a satellite based channel with coverage all over Nepal.  It is run in both Standard Definition and High Definition feed. It was launched in 20th September, 2017 and is operated and run by Original Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.  It features entertainment-related programming, family serials, comedy serials, reality, feature films and specials related to the entertainment industry.  This channel is run in both Standard Definition and High Definition format. The channel also provides a complete package of entertainment news, filmy news, movie trailer & reviews and other interesting facts. It features comprehensive up-to-date coverage on the latest happening in the entertainment world.

Ramailo TV has introduced 2 mega serials "Anandi" and "Jadeuri" in primetime and is run as regular content from Sunday to Thursday at prime time. Similarly there are other family serials that have a huge following like "Dristi" and Vagya Aaafno", comedy serials like "Ekadesh Ko churifuri", "Sere le Hasaucha", "Michael Jackson", "Lucchachudi". In addition to these Ramailo TV airs programs like Jhumki Show- a call in live program, Lok Vaka, Celebrity Gossip, AUX Countdown among many.



Ramailo TV as its name signifies have powerful and audience driven contents that have been able to significant TRP (Television Rating Point) boosting confidence of premium brands to sponsor and showcase their products. Consecutive research done through Television Rating Index of Dish Home shows that Ramailo TV has a significant following in Nepal. This has also been corroborated by yearly researches done by
Share Cast Initiative Nepal. The surveys titled "Media Landscape Survey- of 2018 and 2019" can be accessed at www.sharecast.org.np

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